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Patrotest Application Manager

All software solutions produced by Patrotest and its divisions (GPS Patron, Spectrum Patron, and Test Patron) by default are equipped with Patrotest Application Manager. Patrotest Application Manager is the tool that is designed for effortless control of Patrotest's software solutions, license activation and management, and more.

Main Features of the Patrotest Application Manager:

  • Application management:
    • Organizes all software solutions into one user interface;
    • Allows to check and download the latest updates for different solutions;
    • Easy software deinstallation.
  • License management:
    • License activation;
    • License file installation;
    • License transfer;

To learn more, please visit the following pages:
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Patrotest License Types

Patrotest provides its software solutions under the following license types:

  • Perpetual software license: Authorizes the holder to use a particular version of a given software solution continually with payment of a single fee;
  • Software license with a limited validity period: Authorizes the holder to use a particular version of a given software solution for a defined period of time.

Depending on a particular software solution, different license types may apply. Certain licenses authorize the holder to use all functionalities of a particular software while others may have certain restrictions on specific features.

All our licenses are floating, which implies that you can move your license from one computer device to another.

Particular software solutions may contain additional restrictions in the end user agreement.

User Interface Overview

On the main screen of the Application Manager, in the “Applications” tab, you can launch installed applications, check for available updates, and uninstall the apps that you want to remove.

In the “Licenses” tab of the Application Manager, you can activate your license(s), transfer licenses to other computer devices, and install license files.