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Reporting Engine LabVIEW Library

The Labview library is designed for creating test reports based on the Microsoft Word templates.

The main advantage for the user is the ability to change multiple settings without recompiling the application:

  • Report templates;
  • Value formats. For example: “1 V” or “1000 mV”, “01/01/2018” or “01.01.18;”
  • Calculation formulas;
  • GUI user fields.

You can evaluate the library functionality using the demo software.

Template Editing Requirements
Value Format Editing GUI
Formula Editing Requirements
Customizable Table For User Data Input
Automatic Report Name generator

GUI Overview

The library provides users with multiple options for configuring protocols using the built-in graphical interface.
The following screenshots were made based on the demo software.

The procedure for creating a protocol based on a Microsoft Word template.

The Customizable Table allows users to configure the fields required for the protocol without recompiling.This may be a DUT description, customer or protocol number.

Editing the number format.

Changing the rules for automatically generating a protocol number.

Examples of the data analysis.